Sea food restaurants

Seafood in Lyon restaurants will come from the coast (or the wholesale fish markets). Locals may be able to come up with the names of any specialists. Come ans enjoy.

1. Café Jutard
    * Address: 2 rue Terrasse Croix Rousse
    * Phone: 04 78 28 22 06

Café Jutard has a buzzing pavement terrace and serves oyster breakfasts.

2. Bleu de Toi
    * Address: 51 rue Mercière 2e
    * Transport:  Bellecour
    * Phone: 04 78 37 24 65
    * Price: lunch menus €10.90, mains €12.60-14

Done out like a rustic fishing shack and opening onto a sunny terrace, this is a diamond find for inexpensive fresh-from-the-ocean seafood followed by crisp-edged crêpes and coffee served with buttery Breton biscuits. Staff are delightful.

3. Café des Voyageurs
    * Address: 159 blvd de la Croix Rousse Croix Rousse
    * Phone: 04 78 28 00 17

In winter (December to April), café life in Croix Rousse revolves around oyster breakfasts eaten outdoors on crisp sunny mornings. Café des Voyageurs is a great place to sink a dozen.

4. Salmon Shop
    * Address: 54 rue Mercière 2e
    * Transport: Bellecour
    * Phone: 04 78 42 97 92
    * Price: lunch menus €12.90, mains €12.60-14.40

Whether smoked, pan-fried, roasted or tartare (raw), salmon appears in every dish (well, more or less) at this Nordic-style spot. Go for the house specialty pavé de saumon – thick-cut, lightly cooked salmon fillet in chive cream sauce accompanied by salads, toast and unlimited fries.
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