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Making a Low Cost Lunch Interesting in Lyon

A low cost lunch in Lyon is not a difficult find. With over 1000 restaurants in the city centre alone, competition generally keeps prices reasonable. A midday plat du jour in the city will, on average, cost around 8 euros, but if you’re looking for real value for money, the Resto Rapid is the place to go.

Resto Rapid eateries come in various forms; the food is generally Eurasian and North African and – as the title suggests – we’re talking about fast food, so all kinds of international fast food favourites are thrown into the mix. Kebabs, tacos, panini, savoury galette, hamburgers and fries, are all standard on the Resto Rapid menu. But the attribute that generally sets French fast food outlets apart from other international fast food eateries is the service and the eating style.

While you can opt to take your Resto Rapid food away in polystyrene box and eat on the go, the influence of France’s eating culture provokes a different type of ethos, where ‘rapid’ only accounts for the speed at which your food is prepared, but the service style and eating protocol is generally akin to that of other restaurant types. The only exception starts with ordering your food at the service counter, after that, your food will be served at your table, which may be inside the restaurant or on the terrace during the spring and summer months. And in keeping with the French style of service; your table will be set as you would expect to find it in any other restaurant.

Wine and a selection of beers are served in most Rapid Resto eateries, unless the owners adhere to the Muslim edict of not serving alcohol, but this is rare in Lyon. Halal meat is also common in most of Lyon’s R.R’s, and there is generally a variety of vegetarian option available; an attribute missing on the menu at most other restaurants in Lyon.

Where to Find a Resto Rapid in Lyon and How to Make it Interesting

So, now you know what to expect from a Resto Rapid, you’ll want to know where to find them in Lyon, and that’s easy! R.R’s are sprinkled all over the city, but for one particular area of interest – where they’re present in high concentration – head to Place Gabriel Péri, in Lyon’s Guilllotiere neighbourhood, a spot known locally as Place du Pont.
To fully appreciate eating your fast food at the Place du Pont, a quick bit of explanation will assist: Place du Pont is the title used mainly by Lyon’s settled immigrant population who come to socialise at the spot. It’s a rendezvous area for all generations of the North African, Eurasian and other settled immigration groups, and thus, it has a distinct and vibrant feel. Historically, Place du Pont was the point of entrance to the Old City of Lyon, as it marks the last point before reaching the Pont de la Guillotiére bridge, which crosses the river Rhône , leading onto Lyon’s Presqu’Île (peninsula).

Place du Pont is ‘The’ best area to sample Eurasian and North African fast food in Lyon, and to get you started on where to choose, here are a few Resto Rapid top picks from the area:

      Les Palais des Gateries
      Le Palais des Gateries (The Palace of Treats) stands out from the other Resto Rapid eateries at Place du Pont, owing to its Patisserie Oriental (Eastern       bakery) so, in addition to having your fill of the regular fare of kebabs, savory galette , kefta, fries and filled baguettes, you can also try some truly delicious sweets of Eastern origins.

      Price examples:
    * Kebab, fries and a drink: 4.50 euros
    * Tacos: 4.50 euros
    * Kefta baguette: 4.50 euros
    * Plates, which include various meat options, kefta and stuffed vine leaves that come served with salad and fries: 8 to 13 euros.

Halim Baba
This Turkish fast food restaurant offers all the usual specialities of Eurasian fast food; all kinds of kebabs, plates – including stuffed vine leaves, steak or chicken – which come with fries and salad, falafel, moussaka and baguettes stuffed with all kinds of fillings.

Price examples:
 * Kebab: 4.50 euros
 * Brochette, fries and a drink: 7 euros
 * Plates: 8 to 13 euros

     Restaurant Zeitouna
     Restaurant Zeitouna has the whole fast food shebang in one place; tacos, pizzas, hamburgers, fries and – of course – the beloved kebab, and prices are  very reasonable.

     Price examples:
    * Kebab: 4.50 euros
    * Pizzas: from 5 euros up
    * Plates: 8 to 12 euros.
    * Taco: 5 euros
    * Falafel: 3.80 euros