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10 Best Bistro Traditional Restaurants

Trying to find the best Bistros Traditional in Lyon? We showcase popular restaurants like Bouchon Lyonnais Daniel et Denise, and we highlight eateries with great user reviews, like Le Mercière. We also help you find areas where Bistros Traditional are prominent - Villeurbanne, for example - so that you not only get terrific dining recommendations, but you also have choices to boot. After all, if you're going to eat, you may as well do it right and take advantage of Lyon's best.

1. La Mère Jean
: 5 rue des Maronniers, Lyon, FR 69002
Phone: 4-78-37-81-27
Very authentic traditional bouchon in the heart of the Opera district. House specialties include cow snout salad and veal feet confit for the adventurous. Prix fixe menu available. Good prices and superior service. Reservations recommended. Business casual attire. METRO: Bellecour

2. La Meunière
: 11, rue Neuve, Lyon, FR 69001
Phone: 4-78-28-62-91
This popular French eatery serves up great dining options for either the beginner or the French food connoisseur. Excellent sausages, tablier de sapeur and crayfish entrees. Several prix fixe menus available, enabling you to sample the culinary delights. Business casual attire. Closed mid-July through mid-August. METRO: Cordeliers

3. Chez Hugon
12, rue Pizay, Lyon, FR 69001
Phone: 4-78-28-10-94
This quaint eatery is tucked away near the town hall area of town. Specialties include black pudding, museau and chicken livers with foie gras, eggs and cream. Excellent traditional menu for either the aficionado or amateur French gourmand. Business casual attire. Closed in August. METRO: Hôtel de Ville

4. Comptoir du Mail
: 14, rue du Mail, Lyon, FR 69004
Phone: 4-78-27-71-40
Renowned local eatery with a quaint interior and wonderful menu options. Try the prix fixe menu to sample excellent traditional entrees. Chicken with couscous and a white butter sauce with pears and zucchini is also a delicious choice. Business casual attire. METRO: Croix Rousse
5. Le Mercière
: 56, rue Mercière, Lyon, FR 69002
Phone: 4-78-37-67-35
Chef Jean-Louis Manoa takes such pride in his restaurant that you will never be disappointed with either your food or service at Le Merciere. He uses only the freshest ingredients of the highest quality in his crowd-pleasing recipes. You are served only the best of lyonnaise cuisine. This restaurant is one of the finest in town with its friendly atmosphere and fabulous food. METRO: Bellecour

6. Bouchon Lyonnais Daniel et Denise
156, rue de Créqui, Lyon 69003
Phone: 4-78-60-66-53
Fax: 4-78-60-66-53
This traditional lyonnaise bistro features the incomparable culinary creations of chef Joseph Viola. Excellent meat dishes. A delicious, hearty French meal. Prix fixe menu available. Business casual attire. METRO: Garibaldi

7. Au Petit Bouchon Chez Georges
8, rue Garet, Lyon, FR 69001
Phone: 4-78-28-30-46
This traditional, Parisian-style bistro offers excellent service and a cozy dining room. Delicious veal, sausage and Saint-Marcellin cheese. Owners are friendly and accessible. A Lyon must! Business casual attire. Closed in August. METRO: Hôtel de Ville
8. Le Garet
Address: 7, rue Garet, Lyon, FR 69001
Phone: 4-78-28-16-94
Well recommended by lyonnaise locals, this traditional bouchon attracts a cross-section of French regulars through the front doors. The andouillette is the house specialty. Attractive dining room. Near the Opera. Business casual attire. METRO: Hôtel de Ville
9. Jura
Address: 25, rue Tupin, Lyon, FR 69002
Phone: 4-78-42-20-57
Serving excellent local favorites with first-rate service and a lovely ambience. Excellent place to get a taste of traditional lyonnaise fare. Excellent poultry and sausage entrees abound. Prix fixe menu available. Call ahead, as this fabulous French eatery fills quickly. Business casual attire. METRO: Cordeliers

10. L'Assiette du Vin
Address: 8, rue Duviard, Lyon, FR 69004
Phone: 4-78-39 07 50
At L'Assiette du Vin, you will find delicious traditional Lyon seafood such as oysters and squid prepared to perfection. As the name suggests, at "The Wine Table" you also have a wide variety of France's finest wines to enhance your delightful meal. You can purchase wine by the glass or bottle, so you can find your favorite local wine and then buy a bottle to take home! METRO: Henon
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