Lyon Tourism

Lyons (in French spelling Lyon), France's second largest industrial and commercial city, is well situated at the junction of the navigable Rhône and Saône. It is the chief town of the département of Rhône and the see of an archbishop, with a university and  a college of technology.

Two thousand years of history have left their mark on the cityscape. Lyon's rich heritage resources reflect the different eras and tell the story of the city. Lyon's listing by UNESCO as a World Heritage site gives recognition to two exceptional features: "continuity of urban development" -the listed site covers a territory of 500 hectares (1235 acres) where the entire history of the city can be seen, from the founding of the Roman city of Lugdunum. And as "an outstanding illustration of city planning over the centuries" in this continually populated and active territory.
The Visitors Bureau offers a variety of package deals and services to help you discover Lyon: the Lyon City Card, a weekend pass, guided tours or self-guided audio tours... For individuals or groups, for business or private tourism - the Visitors Bureau has just the right solution for you.
With 200 hotels, residence hotels and other forms of accommodation, Lyon and the region  offer a large range of possibilities for welcoming visitors