Lyon Enjoy Your Stay

Extended Stay Tips: 10 Tips to Enjoy Fully Your Stay

The key elements that will make your stay a success.

   1. Establish the length of time that you will need housing. Corporate housing is generally ideal for stays of one month or longer.
   2. Consider all locations. Choose a location that will best suit your needs and price.
   3. Consider the type of accommodation you will need (Studio, 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms, 4 Bedrooms, Penthouse).
   4. View our floor plan and virtual tours to get a real idea of the apartments
   5. Consider personal amenities that are important to you and check it out in our facilities section.
   6. Ask about any special items you will need (cribs, high chairs, office items, exercise equipment).
   7. Ask about any special services you will need (housekeeping, rental cars, storage).
   8. Ask about the community and conference areas available should you need to host a group or meeting.
   9. If traveling on business ask about your company`s temporary housing benefits. Find out what options are available to you, what is included, and what costs are covered.
  10. Be prepared by gathering information and maps about city_name. Establish the location of local restaurants, dry cleaners, convenience stores and hospitals .
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