Things to Do

Lyon Nightlife

The best way to see the city's architectural heritage is by night, when over 100 sites are illuminated. Old Lyon, the banks of the Saône, the Presqu'île and Croix Rousse are the liveliest districts ...

Famous Lyon Events

Lyon events cover a wide spectrum of activities and attractions that draw millions of people from both inside France and from around the world every year.

Somethings to do in Lyon France

Things to do in Lyon France include everything from dining at traditional bistros and shopping at alluring fashion boutiques to visiting cultural attractions and wine regions. There are a variety of activities ...

Lyon Enjoy Your Stay

Extended Stay Tips: 10 Tips to Enjoy Fully Your Stay

Be Safe In Lyon

There are no serious health or safety concerns in Lyon and visitors will feel safe strolling city centre streets and the narrow streets of the Old Town. However, as with any tourist centre, Lyon has a slight ...

Lyon Leisure

Lyon is loaded with sports clubs and a significant percentage of the populace is active. With this interest in sports and leisure come impressive facilities including dozens of sports fields and gymnasiums and ...

Entertainment in Lyon

Lyon is almost as good a place for nightlife and entertainment as it is for eating, with a good range of clubs, cinema, opera, jazz, classical music concerts and theatre.

Top 10 Things To Do In Lyon

This is a list of ten fun and interesting things to do in Lyon, France.

Top 5 Must Do's in Lyon

Lyon is home to an appealing variety of historic buildings, museums, and interesting sightseeing opportunities. Stroll through Lyon's sights on your own, or take a more organized approach to your Lyon ...
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