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Lyon Neighborhoods, Locations and Lyon Districts

Lyon is organized into nine 'arrondissements' or districts. Within these lie several smaller 'quarters' or neighbourhoods, all of which have their own distinctive architecture and atmosphere. Vieux Lyon and Croix Rousse are where much of Lyon's rich past is located. In 1998, the city was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. In between Lyon's two rivers, the Saône and Rhône, lies the bustling Presquile quarter. Lyon is also well-known as the location of many large commercial enterprises, which reside in the Le Part-Dieu district of the city. Here are Lyon's main districts and related information.

1. Lyon Locations and Districts: Presquile District - 1st and 2nd Arrondissements - Lyon, France, FR
Situated within Lyon's 1st and 2nd arrondissements, the Presquile district is a popular location for those who like to be seen, as well for those who like to shop. The streets around the Place Bellecour are where visitors can find a host of antique shops, museums celebrating Lyon's heritage, and pavement cafes and restaurants. Many of the best bars and restaurants in Lyon, as well as trendy boutiques, are also located around Rue Mercière. Place des Terreaux is home to a number of the city's major tourist attractions, including its splendid town hall, art museum and opera house.

2. Lyon Locations and Districts: Vieux Lyon District - Lyon, France, FR

Vieux Lyon is reputed to be the largest Renaissance quarter in Europe. Located on the west bank of the Saône, this historic neighbourhood comprises three small 'villages' - St. Paul, St. Jean and St. Georges. With its many ancient buildings and narrow streets, Vieux Lyon is a particularly appealing place for a stroll. Visitors can enjoy dining at its many small restaurants and cafes, or enjoy a spot of sightseeing and shopping. The heart of the Vieux Lyon district lies up the hill in Roman Fourvière. Reached by foot or funicular, Fourvière's rich archaeological past and its superb views make it an ideal place for visitors to get to know Lyon better.

3. Lyon Locations and Districts: La Croix Rousse District - 4th Arrondissement - Lyon, France, FR

Croix Rousse is the hilltop neighbourhood that housed many of Lyon's silk weavers during the 19th century. Overlooking the Presquile, this part of Lyon is famous for its traboules, or narrow passageways, which connect many of its streets and buildings. Today, silk is still woven in this district, albeit using more modern technology and on a smaller scale. A climb up Montée de la Côte rewards visitors with great views over the whole of Lyon. Although the area is being gradually renovated, the Croix Rousse district still manages to retain an atmosphere that feels more like a small village than a busy commercial city.

4. Lyon Locations and Districts: Tête d' Or District - Lyon, France, FR

North of Lyon's Left Bank is the location of one of the city's major tourist attractions, the Parc de la Tête d'Or. This district offers a popular retreat from the hustle and bustle of central Lyon. The area surrounding the park is an attractive mixture of residential apartment buildings and trendy boutiques.

5. Lyon Locations and Districts: Le Part-Dieu District - Lyon, France, FR
Lyon is well known for its flourishing modern business and cultural activities. La Part-Dieu is the district where you will not only find numerous banks and businesses, but also Lyon's impressive public library, a vast shopping centre, concert hall and the La Part-Dieu TGV train station.
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